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Anti - *EYES n MITES* - Lotion for Eye Demodicosis

Eyelash Demodex or human skin mite is microscopic organism. This invisible to human eye bug lives on our skin. It consume sebum oil and moves from one hair follicle to another. During the day, ocular mites are less active, it feeds and hides deep in hair follicles and sebaceous glands. Demodex mites come out at night - one of the reason why, people with demodicosis feel more itching and skin irritation during the evening hours. Even though the human hair follicles and the sebaceous glands are most favorite places for demodex, the scalp, the eyelashes and the eye leads can also host this skin bug. Usually, demodex cause no trouble to humans and most people don't even notice it. Strong immune system controls the number of mites preventing humans from demodicosis - uncontrolled breed of demodex.

Symptoms of eyelash or eyelid demodex can be similar to blepharitis, other skin condition. If you feel itching, burning and notice inflammation of eyelid's, its best advice to see your doctor. The demodex test can show that you have demodicosis and not any other skin disorders. While choosing effective anti-demodex medication, you need to know that chemicals and antibiotics (if used long time) can suppress the immune system. Also, this human skin bug can develop resistance to antibiotics and after a while, the anti-demodex medication may stop helping to control the mites.

In order to reduce demodex infestation and bring demodicosis under control, you should use natural anti demodex remedies: face cream, the shampoo for scalp demodicosis and anti-demodex eye lotion. Natural skin care products are as effective as antibiotics but with less or no side effects.

The EYES n MITS lotion is all natural anti-demodex remedy. It contains natural oils, herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals. When applied on eye leads and eye lashes, the active ingredients are deeply absorbed into the skin pores and hair follicles killing the mites. The vitamins and minerals restore the immune system suppressed by eye lash mites. Oils and herbal extracts prevent demodex from returning.


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Birch leaves (Betula species), Black Bryony (Tamus communis), Borage Seed Oil (Borago officinals), Proteol TM, Oliven TM, Horsetail Bark Extract (Equisetum Arvense), Saw Palmetto Extract (Serenoa Repens), Vitamin B3 (Niacin), Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid), Vitamin E (dα Tocopherol).


Wash your hands thoroughly before and after the application. Take very small drop of the Eyes n Mites lotion on to your fingertip (more is not better with this product). Close ONE eye, apply thin layer around ONE EYE AREA first. Do not open your eye right away. Keep it closed for one minute. Repeat steps with the second eye area.




+74 #2 Luise/Montreal 2013-05-31 17:23
The EYESnMITS lotion is very concentrated. We need to use a drop on your finger and neatly applied to your eyelids. We must do this twice a day - in the morning and at night before going to bed. Before you put the cream on for ever, it is necessary to wash your eyes well. Also you can using - D CLEANSER- Medicated Anti-Demodex Facial Cleanser . I lick both. God bless! :-)
+78 #1 Aziza 2013-04-27 21:35
For two years I had demodicosis. I bought: LaVie cleanser, EYES n MITS lotion & Shampoo D'MODEX . It has been three weeks I see a lot of progress. Itching and redness disappeared. Good products. Thanks

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